Note: Video Nuggets are short excerpts from the half-hour conversations







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(As of January 14, 2018)


Miranda Alcott, MA

      Listening to Animals

            Video Nugget: Opening Up

      Animal Communication

            Video Nugget: Opening Intuitively to Animals

      Speaking with Animals

            Video Nugget: Wild Animals in Captivity

      What Animals Can Teach Humans

            Video Nugget: The Consciousness of Animals

      The Animal and Human Kingdoms

            Video Nugget: Human-Animal Symbiosis

      Animal Medical Intuition

            Video Nugget: Working With Veterinarians

      Animals and the Afterlife

            Video Nugget: Deceased Pets as Spirit Guides


John B. Alexander, PhD

      UFOs: Myths and Realities

            Video Nugget: The Haunted Universe

      UFOs and the Paranormal

            Video Nugget: Dealing With Lies and Misinformation

      U.S. Military Interest in the Paranormal

            Video Nugget: The Hutchison Effect


Robert Alexander, PhD

      Meditative Technologies

            Video Nugget: A High-Tech, Spiritual DJ


Samuel Ben-Or Avital

      Living Kabbalah

            Video Nugget: Growing Up With Kabbalah

      Kinesthetic Intelligence

            Video Nugget: Becoming the Paradox


Debashish Banerji, PhD

      Language of the Gods, Part One: The Primordial Mantra

            Video Nugget: The Ancient Indus Valley Civilization

      Language of the Gods, Part Two: Reality or Illusion

            Video Nugget: The Human Sensorium

      Language of the Gods, Part Three: Tantra and Chakras

            Video Nugget: Vedanta vs. Tantra

      The History of Yoga

            Video Nugget: The Birth of the Upanishads

      The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, Part One: The Revolutionary Yogi

            Video Nugget: Sri Aurobindo in Prison

      The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, Part Two: The Spiritual Empiricist

            Video Nugget: Healing the World

      The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, Part Three: Future Evolution of Humanity

            Video Nugget: Transforming the Human Body

      Reincarnation in Indian Tradition

            Video Nugget: The Subtle Bodies of Yoga


Laurin Bellg, MD

      Altered States of Consciousness in Medicine

            Video Nugget: Paranormal Experiences Among the Dying


Stafford Betty, PhD

      The Spiritualist Vision of the Afterlife

            Video Nugget: Mediumistic Afterlife Descriptions

      The Mind-Body Problem in Philosophy

            Video Nugget: What is The Soul?

      Deathbed Visions

            Video Nugget: The Last Words of Steve Jobs

      Instrumental Transcommunication

            Video Nugget: The History of ITC and EVP

      Terminal Lucidity

            Video Nugget: Jeffrey's Examples of Terminal Lucidity


Stephen E. Braude, PhD

      Mind, Nature, and the Paranormal

            Video Nugget: Hidden Emotions Around Parapsychology

      Macro-Psychokinesis, Part One: Physical Mediumship

            Video Nugget: A Nineteenth Century Research Gem

      Macro-Psychokinesis, Part Two: Apparitions

            Video Nugget: Philip the Ghost

      Macro-Psychokinesis, Part Three: Philosophical Reflections

            Video Nugget: Psychokinesis and Rationality

      Multiple Personalities, Part One: The History of an Enigma

            Video Nugget: Multiple Personality Disorder

      Multiple Personalities, Part Two: The Transcendental Ego

            Video Nugget: Immanuel Kant's Understanding of Self

      Multiple Personalities, Part Three: Parapsychological Implications

            Video Nugget: Alternatives to the Survival Hypothesis

      Thoughtography of Ted Serios

            Video Nugget: Who Was Ted Serios?

      Poltergeist Phenomena

            Video Nugget: Human Poltergeist Interactions

      The Case of The PK Man

            Video Nugget: The Potential Harm of Psychokinesis

      Philosophy and Post-Mortem Survival

            Video Nugget: Identifying Post-Mortem Personalities

      Evidentiality of Spiritualist Mediumship

            Video Nugget: The Mediumship of Leonora Piper

      The Case of the Gold Leaf Lady

            Video Nugget: A Most Unusual Psychic Gift

      Table Levitation

            Video Nugget: Testing Table Tilting


Lyn Buchanan, MA

      The Poltergeist Experience

            Video Nugget: A Poltergeist Child

      Inside the Fort Meade Remote Viewing Program

            Video Nugget: Skeptics of Remote Viewing

      Controlled Remote Viewing

            Video Nugget: How Accurate Is Remote Viewing?


Francis Cholle

      Intuition in Business

            Video Nugget: Intuition and Artificial Intelligence


Adam Crabtree, RP

      The Evolution of Psychodynamic Theory

      Alternative Consciousness

      The Possession Experience

      The Phenomena of Mesmerism

      The Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce

      Multiple Personalities

      What is a Trance State

      The Group Mind

      Eros and Agape


Michael Cremo

      Forbidden Archeology

      Alfred Russell Wallace and the Spirit World

      What is a Human Being?

      A Vedic Alternative to Darwins Theory


Jude Currivan, PhD

      The Cosmic Hologram

            Video Nugget: Indra's Net

      Universal Patterns in Nature

            Video Nugget: Achieving World Peace

      Consciousness and Cosmology

            Video Nugget: In Defense of Panpsychism


Christian de Quincey, PhD

      The Philosophy of Panpsychism

            Video Nugget: Telepathy and Process Philosophy

      The Philosophy of Intersubjectivity

            Video Nugget: Is the Self Real?

      Zombies and Angels

            Video Nugget: Philosophical Zombies

      Interspecies Communication

            Video Nugget: Human-Dolphin Telepathy

      Questioning Our Assumptions

            Video Nugget: Questioning Gender Roles


            Video Nugget: Jung, Freud and Synchronicity


James P. Driscoll, PhD

      The Godhead Archetype

            Video Nugget: The Feminine Face of God

      The Problem of Evil

            Video Nugget: Uroboric Evil

      King Lear and the Power of Tragedy

            Video Nugget: The Nature of Tragedy


Elaine Dundon, MBA

      The Influence of Greek Culture in Our Lives

            Video Nugget: Philosophys Gift to Humanity


Nancy du Tertre, JD

      Intuition and the Brain

            Video Nugget: Language and Psychic Ability

      Psychic Criminology

            Video Nugget: Becoming a Psychic Detective

      Languages of the Cosmos, Part One: Exolinguistics

            Video Nugget: Extraterrestrial Intelligence

      Languages of the Cosmos, Part Two: Space Intelligences

            Video Nugget: Psychokinesis and UFOs

      Remembering Ingo Swann

            Video Nugget: From Normal Sensations to ESP

      On Being a Skeptical Psychic

            Video Nugget: My Method for Psychic Reading

      Money and Psychic Functioning

            Video Nugget: Using ESP for Financial Speculation


Debbie Joffe Ellis, MDAM

      Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Part One: Lifes Hardships

            Video Nugget: The Death of Albert Ellis

      Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Part Two: The ABCs

            Video Nugget: Overcoming Hostility


Normandi Ellis

      Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt

            Video Nugget: The Body of Light

      Hieroglyphic Thinking

            Video Nugget: The Eye in the Triangle


Brendan Engen, PsyD

      Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance, Part One: A New Theory

            Video Nugget: A Shared Past Lifetime in Ancient Rome?

      Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance, Part Two: The Looking-Glass God

            Video Nugget: The Godhead Archetype

      Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance, Part Three: Apophenia and Discernment

            Video Nugget: The Dark Side of Coincidence


Gerald Loren Fishkin, PhD

      The Psychology of Shame

            Video Nugget: Toxic Shame and Psychotherapy

      The Psychology of Burnout

            Video Nugget: The Need for Emotional Processing


Joseph Gallenberger, PhD

      Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part One: A Personal Journey

            Video Nugget: Research On Psychokinesis

      Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part Two: The Energy of the Group

            Video Nugget: Training Psychokinesis at a Casino

      Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part Three: The Art of Manifesting

            Video Nugget: The Psychokinetic Mindset

      Grief's Dark Cocoon

            Video Nugget: Opening to the Paranormal

      A Soul's Journey After Suicide

            Video Nugget: Healing in the Afterlife


Ben Goertzel, PhD

      The Possibility of Telepathy in Robots

            Video Nugget: Science of the Future

      Reincarnation and Robots

            Video Nugget: Reincarnation & Religion


Jason Gregory

      Humility as a Spiritual Practice

            Video Nugget: Separation and Oneness


Pierre Grimes, PhD

      Coping with Tragedy

            Video Nugget: The Essence of Tragedy

      Platos Republic

            Video Nugget: The Role of Dreams in the Ancient World

      Philosophical Midwifery


James Guy

      Entheogen Mind and Beyond

            Video Nugget: Oneness


Stuart Hameroff, MD

      Consciousness and the Brain, Part One: Possibilities Within Microtubules

            Video Nugget: The Hard Problem of Consciousness

      Consciousness and the Brain, Part Two: The Mystery of Anesthesia

            Video Nugget: Consciousness and Anesthesia

      Consciousness and the Brain, Part Three: Quantum Consciousness

            Video Nugget: The Emperors New Mind

      Consciousness and the Brain, Part Four: The Orchestra of the Brain

            Video Nugget: Parapsychology and Consciousness

      Consciousness and the Brain, Part Five: Consciousness in the Universe

            Video Nugget: Psychedelics and the Brain

      Consciousness and the Brain, Part Six: Spiritual Implications

            Video Nugget: The Brain at Death

      The Hard Problem of Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Possible Solutions to the Hard Problem

      The ORCH OR Theory of Consciousness and Its Critics

            Video Nugget: The ORCH in ORCH OR


Chris H. Hardy, PhD

      The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part One: Telepathic Harmonic Fields

            Video Nugget: Among the Sadhus in Nashik, India

      The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part Two: Semantic Field Theory

            Video Nugget: Synchronicity

      The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part Three: Cosmic DNA at the Origin

            Video Nugget: Consciousness of the Cosmos


Rachel Harris, PhD      

Ayahuasca as Transformational Medicine

      Video Nugget: Sacred Plants as Teachers

      The Shadow Side of Ayahuasca

            Video Nugget: Processing After Psychedelic Use

      Grandmother Ayahuasca

            Video Nugget: Conflicting Realities


Todd Hayen, PhD

      Ancient Egypt and Modern Culture

      What is Sacred Science?

      The Psyche-To-Matter Problem

      Modern Materialism and the Loss of the Soul


Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD

      The Persian Influence on Western Civilization

            Video Nugget: Persias Influence on Ancient Greece

      Philosophy and Psychical Research

            Video Nugget: Henri Bergson and William James

      The Spectral Revolution

            Video Nugget: A New Ethos

      Technological Apocalypse

            Video Nugget: The Future of BioTechnology

      The Philosophers of Atlantis

            Video Nugget: Rudolf Steiner on Atlantis

      The PK Man and Mercurial Hermeneutics

            Video Nugget: The Trickster At Work

      Understanding Zarathustra

      Zarathustras Indo-European Legacy

            Video Nugget: Did Zarathustra Live 8,000 Years Ago?

      Zarathustra and the Iranian Renaissance

            Video Nugget: Mazdakites and Sufis

      Heidegger's "Being and Time"

            Video Nugget: Being Towards Death

      Who is a Philosopher?

            Video Nugget: The Branches of Philosophy


Ruth E. Kastner, PhD

      Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

            Video Nugget: The Observer in Quantum Theory

      The Reality of Possibility

            Video Nugget: Virtual Particles

      Times Arrow and Free Will

            Video Nugget: Free Will and Science


Debra Lynne Katz, MSW

      Remote Viewing Versus Psychic Reading, Part One: Two Different Histories

            Video Nugget: Psychic Shielding

      Remote Viewing Versus Psychic Reading, Part Two: Practical Applications

            Video Nugget: Displacement in Psychic Readings

      Reflections on The PK Man

            Video Nugget: UFOs and Alien Beings


Stanley Krippner, PhD

      Dream Telepathy

            Video Nugget: Geomagnetic Effects on ESP

      The Apports of Amyr Amiden

            Video Nugget: The Experience of Apports

      Parapsychology and the Skeptics

            Video Nugget: Hostile vs. Cordial Skeptics

      Progress in Parapsychology

            Video Nugget: Repeatability in Parapsychology

      Psychedelic Experience

            Video Nugget: Psychedelic Psychotherapy

      Understanding Hypnosis

            Video Nugget: The Dark Side of Hypnosis

      Anomalistic Psychology

            Video Nugget: Psychology and the Paranormal

      Working with Extraordinary Dreams

            Video Nugget: Dreams, Science, & The Esoteric

      Native American Medicine Man Rolling Thunder

Video Nugget: Healing the Eagle

      Shamans and Their World

            Video Nugget: The Shaman as Master Trickster

      The Spiritist Religions of Brazil

            Video Nugget: Deities and Saints

      Personal Mythology

            Video Nugget: Being of Service to All Creation

      Human Sexuality and Gender Identity

            Video Nugget: Androgyny and Out-of-Body Travel

Coping with Trauma

            Video Nugget: Understanding and Treating PTSD


Thomas Lombardo, PhD

      Evolutionary Cosmology and Psychology

            Video Nugget: Conscious Biological Evolution

      Consciousness and Reality

      Yin Yang and the Concept of Reciprocity

      Thinking About The Future

      Apocalyptic, Doomsday Thinking

      The Good Future

      Wise Cyborgs

      H. G. Wells and Olaf Stapleton

      Science Fiction as the Mythology of the Future

      Theories of Evil and Science Fiction Villains

      The Future Evolution of Humanity


P. Sufenas Virius Lupus (aka Phillip Bernhardt-House, PhD)

      Understanding Polytheism

            Video Nugget: Deities vs. Archetypes

      The Ancient Mystery Traditions

            Video Nugget: Afterlife Cults

      Rebellion Against God

            Video Nugget: Conflicting Deities

      The History of Gender and Sexual Identity

            Video Nugget: The Ancient Sexuality Food Chain

      Werewolf Cults in Ancient Times

            Video Nugget: The Ancient Canine Connection


Jeffery Martin, PhD

      Awakening Non-Symbolic Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Researching Enlightenment

      Reiki Healing

            Video Nugget: The History of Reiki

      Locations within Non-Symbolic Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Locations One, Two, Three, & Four


James G. Matlock, PhD

      How Researchers Approach Reincarnation

            Video Nugget: How Strong is Reincarnation Evidence?

      Patterns Found in Reincarnation Cases

      Alternative Explanations for Reincarnation Evidence

      Behavioral Signs of Reincarnation

      Birthmarks and Physical Signs of Reincarnation

      The Interval Between Death and Rebirth

      Reincarnation and Possession

      The Psychology of Past-Life Memory

      Reincarnation in Tribal Societies

      Reincarnation in the Ancient World

      Reincarnation Cases and Karma

      Theories of Survival and Reincarnation


Edwin C. May, PhD

      USAs Psychic Spy Program

            Video Nugget: Politics and Parapsychology

      Researching Anomalous Cognition

            Video Nugget: An Information Transfer Anomaly

      Correlates of Anomalous Cognition

            Video Nugget: ESP and the Brain

      Training Anomalous Cognition

            Video Nugget: Remote Viewing and Baseball


            Video Nugget: Implications of Precognition

      How Precognition Works

            Video Nugget: A Psychic Retina for Precognition

      Entropy and the Nature of Time

            Video Nugget: Remote Viewing and Changes in Entropy

      Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

      Defending Physicalism

            Video Nugget: The Problem with Mind-Body Dualism

      Lessons Learned from the Stargate Program

            Video Nugget: Russian Remote Viewing


C. M. Mayo

      The Role of Spiritism in the Mexican Revolution, Part One: Maderos Secret Book

            Video Nugget: Spiritist Medium Launches a Revolution

      The Role of Spiritism in the Mexican Revolution, Part Two: Metaphysical Journey

            Video Nugget: The Spiritual Basis of Revolution

      The Role of Spiritism in the Mexican Revolution, Part Three: Death of a Spiritist

            Video Nugget: The Spiritist President of Mexico


Joe McMoneagle

      Parapsychology and the Media

            Video Nugget: Why Are There Scoffers?

      Guidelines for Future Remote Viewing

            Video Nugget: Remote Viewing New Technologies

      Archeological Remote Viewing in Japan

            Video Nugget: Japanese Culture & The Paranormal

      Practical Applications of Remote Viewing

            Video Nugget: The Kidnapping of General Dozier


Luis Minero

      The Out of Body Experience

            Video Nugget: Remote Viewing and Out of Body Experience

      Energies of the Subtle Body

            Video Nugget: Cultivating Out of Body Experience

      Out of Body Exploration

            Video Nugget: Out of Body Classrooms


Cate Montana, MA

      The Ego and Its Matrix

            Video Nugget: The Prison of the Ego

      Ego and Enlightenment

            Video Nugget: Transpersonal Awareness


Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD

      The Chess Game From Beyond the Grave

            Video Nugget: Gza Marczy Died in 1951

      Dj Vu

            Video Nugget: Subjective Paranormal Experience

      Psychic Experience and the Brain

            Video Nugget: Psi and the Brains Temporal Lobes

      The Nature of Psi

            Video Nugget: The Quality of Psi Research

      Space, Time, and Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Mathematics and Reality

      Reality Begins with Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Evaluating Paradigms

      Theories of Everything

            Video Nugget: Criteria for a Theory of Everything

      Philosophy, Mysticism, Spirituality, and Science

            Video Nugget: Infinity Embeds the Finite


Terry Palmer, PhD

      What is spirit possession?

            Video Nugget: An Experience of Channeling

      Frederic Myers and Psychical Research

            Video Nugget: The Society for Psychical Research

      Psychic Self-Defense

            Video Nugget: Visualizations for Psychic Self-Defense

      Spirit Release Therapy

            Video Nugget: A Spiritual Calling


Glenn Aparicio Parry, PhD

      Indigenous EcoPsychology, Part One: On Being Human

            Video Nugget: Time and Space

      Indigenous EcoPsychology, Part Two: The Voice of the Fire

            Video Nugget: Sacred Reality and the Subconscious


Alex Pattakos, PhD

      The Search for Meaning

            Video Nugget: Prisoners of Our Thoughts


John L. Petersen

      The Art of Forecasting, Part One: The Era of Exponential Growth

            Video Nugget: Preparing for the Future

      The Art of Forecasting, Part Two: The World of Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Psychic Abilities in the Future


Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD

      Remote Viewing Research

            Video Nugget: Mishlove Remote Viewing

      Quantum Entanglement

            Video Nugget: Quantum Computers and ESP

      Psychic Healing Research

            Video Nugget: Researcher Psi in Science


Marty Rosenblatt, MS

      Practical Applications of Precognition, Part One: Historical Perspectives

            Video Nugget: Precognition and Free Will

      Practical Applications of Precognition, Part Two: Ongoing Research

            Video Nugget: Wagering Success Rates

      Practical Applications of Precognition, Part Three: Psychology

            Video Nugget: The Beckoning Spiritual World


Beverly Rubik, PhD

      The Biofield



Gina Ruk, MS

      Astrology and Intuition

            Video Nugget: Why Astrology Endures


Stephan A. Schwartz

      Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

            Video Nugget: Guided by a Dream

      The History of Psychic Archeology

            Video Nugget: Excavation of Glastonbury Abbey

      Project Deep Quest

            Video Nugget: Senator Proxmires Golden Fleece Award

      Parapsychology and Social Transformation

            Video Nugget: The Primacy of Consciousness

      Quotidian Choices

            Video Nugget: The Power of One Person

      The Matrix of Life

            Video Nugget: Four Major Meta-Trends

      The Alexandria Project

            Video Nugget: The Bones of Alexander the Great

      Parapsychology, Where Are You?

            Video Nugget: The Importance of These Videos

      The Continuity of Consciousness

            Video Nugget: Are We Living in "The Matrix"?

      Remote Viewing the Future

            Video Nugget: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

      Denier Movements

            Video Nugget: Commonality of Denier Movements


            Video Nugget: The Liberation of India

      Healing Intention, Part One: Research With Healers

      Healing Intention, Part Two: Time and Consciousness

      The Power of Intention

            Video Nugget: The Placebo Effect

      Remote Viewing

            Video Nugget: Numinosity of Targets


            Video Nugget: Basic Meditation Instruction

      Psychic Healing Techniques

      How to Conduct Parapsychology Research

      Remote Viewing in Criminology

      The Anthropology of Consciousness

      Water and Human Destiny

            Video Nugget: Inevitable Climate Disaster

      The Psychophysiology of Politics

      Creativity, Spiritual Epiphany, and Psychic Functioning


Nicki Scully

      Shamanic Practices

            Video Nugget: On Combining Spiritual Paths


Walter Semkiw, MD

      Reincarnation, Part One: The Research of Ian Stevenson

            Video Nugget: Physical Appearance and Reincarnation

      Reincarnation, Part Two: Cases of Xenoglossy

            Video Nugget: The Sharada Case

      Reincarnation, Part Three: Identifying Past Lives

            Video Nugget: Working With a Trance Channeler

      Reincarnation, Part Four: Implications

            Video Nugget: Resonance with Past Personalities


Paul Smith, PhD

      Remote Viewing Training, Part One: The Initial Phases

            Video Nugget: Military Screening for Remote Viewers

      Remote Viewing Training, Part Two: The Advanced Phases

            Video Nugget: Remote Viewing & The Esoteric

      Dowsing and Remote Viewing

            Video Nugget: Map Dowsing Methodology

      The Philosophy of Physicalism

            Video Nugget: The Religion of Materialism


Richard Smoley

      Prophecy and the End of Times

            Video Nugget: When Prophecy Fails

      The Western Esoteric Tradition

            Video Nugget: Intolerance of Esoteric Culture


            Video Nugget: The Gnostic Revival

      Mystical Christianity

            Video Nugget: The Secret Church of John

      Conscious Love

            Video Nugget: Calculations of Compatibility

      The Mystery of Consciousness

            Video Nugget: What is Consciousness?

      The Supernatural

            Video Nugget: Satanism and Culture


      How Scholars View the Bible

            Video Nugget: The Historical Jesus


Russell Targ

      Getting Started in Parapsychology

            Video Nugget: Encountering Theosophy­­­

      Early Years of Psi Research at SRI International

            Video Nugget: The Birth of Remote Viewing

      Military Intelligence Interest in Remote Viewing

            Video Nugget: The Key to My Success


            Video Nugget: Retrocausality and Free Will

      Precognitive Financial Forecasting

            Video Nugget: Associative Remote Viewing


            Video Nugget: The Illusion of Duality Causes Suffering

      Historical Highlights of Parapsychology

            Video Nugget: The Cross-Correspondences

      Successful Military Intelligence Applications of Psi

            Video Nugget: Remote Viewing of a Hostage

      The Life, Death, and Afterlife of Elisabeth Targ, MD

            Video Nugget: An Apparent Afterlife Communication


Charles T. Tart, PhD

Six Decades in Parapsychology

      Video Nugget: A Faraday Cage for Amplifying ESP

Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception

      Video Nugget: Screening People for ESP Talent

Remote Viewing Psychology

Video Nugget: Shamanic Training
Fear of Psi

Video Nugget: Fear of Going Insane
Psychological Reflections on G. I. Gurdjieff

Video Nugget: Buddhist Meditation and Gurdjieff Work

Education in Parapsychology

      Video Nugget: Advice for Prospective Psi Researchers
Science as a Spiritual Path

      Video Nugget: Experimental Spirituality

Altered States of Consciousness

      Video Nugget: Working With Dreams

Transpersonal Psychology

Video Nugget: Is Spiritual Practice Effective?
How to Meditate

Video Nugget: Introspection and Mindfulness


Linda Tellington-Jones

      Opening to Intuition

      Interspecies Communication

      The Sensation of Touch


Charles Tramont, MD

      From Medicine to Metaphysics, Part One: A Doctor's Journey

            Video Nugget: From Hypnosis to Exorcism

      From Medicine to Metaphysics, Part Two: Spirit Entities

            Video Nugget: Soul Fragmentation


Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT, CMT

      Implications of the Near-Death Experience

            Video Nugget: Trauma And Transcendence

      The Power of Humility

            Video Nugget: Psychic and Spiritual Traps

      Spiritual Implications of Medical Marijuana

            Video Nugget: The Return of the Repressed


Charles Whitfield, MD

      The Misdiagnosis of Mental Illness

            Video Nugget: Self-Help and Trauma

      A Course in Miracles

      Healing the Child Within

            Video Nugget: The Problem With Psychiatric Drugs


Leanne Whitney, PhD

      The Depth Psychology of Carl G. Jung

            Video Nugget: Freud and Jung

      The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

      Consciousness in Jung and Patanjali


Fred Alan Wolf, PhD

      Time, Space, and Consciousness, Part One: The Nature of Light

            Video Nugget: Paradoxes At The Speed of Light

      Time, Space, and Consciousness, Part Two: The Possibility of Time Travel

            Video Nugget: The Lord of Time

      Time, Space, and Consciousness, Part Three: Faster Than Light

            Video Nugget: Tachyons and Consciousness

      Qabala and Physics, Part One: Stories Within Stories

            Video Nugget: Introduction to Qabala

            Video Nugget: Intuition & Feeling Vs. Sensation & Thinking

      Qabala and Physics, Part Two: The Human in the Universe

            Video Nugget: The Power of the Word


Gino Yu, PhD

      Consciousness in Business

            Video Nugget: Stages of Awakening